Michelle’s calm and gentle manner creates an intimate and comfortable setting, placing couples at ease as they learn about the birth process and establishing support for both parents. She provides a myriad of ways for couples to navigate birth with yoga, mindfulness, and other calming techniques, to build and improve upon a personalized labor toolkit.

My husband and I loved Michelle’s approach. We enjoyed exercising and practicing new ways to ease the confusion and overwhelming idea of birth. We brought our takeaways with us to the hospital and utilized her techniques during labor, which helped ease my discomfort. I highly recommend Michelle’s class for those looking for a calming and informative way to approach labor and birth!
— Marisa O.

My first yoga class with Michelle was a prenatal class and I was instantly hooked. Classes not only became a way to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy, but also a place to seek support and advice throughout my pregnancy. From Michelle’s beautiful soothing voice to the warmth and encouragement she brings to her classes, I leave every class feeling stronger, physically and mentally.
— Cora O.

I have had the pleasure of attending Michelle’s prenatal yoga classes, adult yoga classes, and Itsy Bitsy Yoga classes with my toddler for the past two years. Before that, I went to yoga classes, but only with Michelle do I feel I’ve begun to develop my own yoga “practice.” For me, a mere mortal who can’t do a handstand or put my foot behind my head, this is the biggest compliment I can give any yoga teacher. Michelle equips me with the knowledge and confidence to listen to my body and reap the benefits of yoga throughout the changes of pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum parenting. She is cheerful, attentive, gentle and kind with babies and toddlers too. I may never get my foot behind my head (who knows!), but now – thanks to Michelle – I know myself and grow stronger in every yoga class.
— From Jenn D. (mom of JB and Jason)

I am so thankful that I found Michelle’s practice at JCMC and subsequently at Three Little Birds in my 2nd trimester. Her classes not only helped me prepare physically for childbirth but all the knowledge and tips she peppers in are so invaluable. I have always been someone who was terrified of having a baby and all that comes with it. Through her classes and guidance as well as her Birth & Yoga 3 hour workshop, not only did I switch from a NY hospital to JCMC (exposure to the hospital every week allowed me to feel comfortable there, something I never thought was possible!) but I switched to a midwife as well as a doula for support during my impending delivery AND am giving natural childbirth a chance, something I never would have dreamed! Michelle is patient, kind, knowledgeable and an all around amazing person. I feel blessed to have met her and all that she has introduced me to.
— Amy P.

I found Michelle through Prenatal Yoga classes at 3 Little Birds in Jersey City NJ. The first time I went, she made the class fun and relaxing giving not only the ability to do yoga, but to feel comfortable where I was at with my pregnancy and ability to move. I also took her Birth and Yoga class, a 3 hour class with my husband and other couples. It was fantastic. She has great knowledge being a Doula with regards to the whole birthing process. It was a comforting and engaging class to be a part of. We learned many tools to be able to use during the labor and birth of our child. I would recommend participating in any/all of Michelle’s classes, her warm smile and gentle approach is not only comforting, but reassuring that you can give birth to your child with confidence, and knowledge.
— Julie S.

Weekly attendance at Yoga class on Wednesdays is mandatory to my well-being and sense of self. I deeply appreciate the manner in which Michelle teaches her classes. For me, each class is a form of awakening. When I leave her classes, I feel spiritually polished and confident as though I have experienced a deep form of prayer.  She weaves wisdom and encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the practice of Yoga postures. This has allowed me to recognize my posture in everyday life. Her classes are both subtle and rigorous. I also use breathing techniques to calm my nerves before my AP Biology quizzes. Michelle has given me an unforgettable experience. Her classes allow my mind, body, and spirit to come into true alignment.
— Kimberly G.