address: 16 Erie St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

phone: (201) 528-3212


Prenatal Yoga

is a fantastic way to find comfort in your ever changing body. through all facets of yoga (physical practice or movements, breathing and meditation) we will cultivate awareness and develop comfort measures so that you can connect with your baby. you will find the strength and confidence within you in order to prepare yourself for labor and new motherhood. this class will also provide a community of women with whom you are able to discuss the challenges you are facing as your body transitions into each stage of pregnancy. various stages of pregnancy are welcome and no previous knowledge of yoga is necessary.

monday, 7:00pm

Postnatal Yoga

is a yoga class for parent/caregiver and baby. Gentle asana and restorative postures combined with breathing provide a rejuvenating practice for new parents/caregivers. Babies are either relaxing next to you or part of your practice.

wednesday, 1:30 pm